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Magic Johnson
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Nelson Rockefeller
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Richard Branson
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Steve Jobs

Stevie Wonder
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Thomas Edison
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Winston Churchill
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Woodrow Wilson (didn't learn to read until he was 12!) 

Albert Einstein (didn't learn to read until he was 9!)
Alexander Graham Bell
Anderson Cooper                                                    Anthony Hopkins                                                   Brian Grazer                                                
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F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Jay Leno                                                                 Jim Carrey                                                             John Lennon                                      
John F. Kennedy                                          
Justin Timberlake                                                   Keira Knightly

Liv Tyler                                                       Leonardo da Vinci                                      
Ludwig van Beethoven                                 

"I had the pleasure of working with Ashley Ravid when she was a Reading Specialist at Park Century School. Ashley is a dedicated professional and produces incredible results with all of her students.
She is hard working, creative, knowledgeable and goes beyond expectations to reach every child at his or her own level.  Her ability to motivate and engage pupils is extraordinary.  In addition to being such a skilled educational therapist, she has the most positive and sunny disposition and is a sheer pleasure to work with." 
~ Judith Fuller, Lower School Dean and Director of Admissions at Park Century School 


"Ashley Ravid is an incredibly talented, passionate, thoughtful and skilled educational therapist.  In my work as a neuropsychologist I have referred several patients, both children and adults, to her practice.  Her approach to ed therapy is holistic and creative.  She challenges her clients and treats them with compassion at the same time. My clients have raved about her and are so grateful to have her as part of their treatment team.  I will definitely continue to refer patients to her as long as she is in practice!"  
~ Jena Kravitz, Psy.D Clinical Neuropsychologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

"Ashley has been a blessing for our daughter. Her warm smile and personality made it so natural and easy for the two of them to instantly bond. Her techniques and applications have made a huge difference in the way our daughter approaches schoolwork. Homework time used to be a nightmare for the entire family, and now just after a few weeks with Ashley, no more! Thank you for everything you've done so far..." 
~ Gabriella, parent

"Ashley has had a significant impact on my son personally, in school, and at home.  Her knowledge and energy combined serves as a perfect avenue to teach.  She was attentive and intuitive from our first session.  My son was able to integrate everything Ashley offered, utilize it in school, and feel a sense of success as a result.  I can't recommend her enough as a therapist and as true partner is our son's educational journey!"

~ Abby, parent 

"My 6th-grade son has been diagnosed with several significant learning disabilities such as ADHD, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. He was failing school and was completely lost. I was told by the Special Ed. Teacher at his elementary school that is “severely disabled.” Ashley Ravid gave me hope when all others had given up. Working with my son was a Herculean task but Ashley did not give up and found a way to reach him. My son brought home straight A’s last month - five months after a disastrous start of F’s and D’s and years of failure in elementary school. This was not anything I expected, but my son absolutely could not have done this without Ashley’s miraculous work."
~ Virginia, parent

"My 8–year–old daughter was failing every single test she was taking.  Three weeks after bringing her to Ashley, she started getting A’s and B’s on her tests but more importantly, she started to feel good about herself! Ashley Ravid weaves a magical spell with children and gets them to understand what is being asked of them in educational terms and how to navigate their studies. She penetrates their fears, their emotional barriers to learning and gets them to join in the learning train." 
~ Single mom in Encino

"Thank you for helping our son be the student we knew he could be!  We are so grateful to have found you!"
~ Amy, parent

Learning disabilities or differences can be difficult to manage, but they don’t have to impact a persons’ chances for success. Many famous figures from history struggled with learning disabilities and have described how their disabilities may have been instrumental in shaping their perspectives and achieve their goals.  

Here is an edited list of famous figures that have succeeded despite their educational struggles: